Kyle Carter

160916-501-kbwMy Grandson.

Kyle’s friendship with my daughter, Lindsey’s, family began when Kyle was a student in her husband, Aaron’s, high school graphics class. Shortly after graduation, Aaron and Lindsey learned that circumstances at Kyle’s home were unsettled and he needed a place to stay. They invited Kyle to crash in their basement.

Once Kyle got his feet on the ground and moved out, the Bodell’s anticipated that would be the end of the relationship. Instead, Kyle returned regularly for visits, and has never missed a holiday or special family event. Kyle was present for a recent family photo shoot.

Lindsey and Aaron have embraced Kyle as a son – and their five children refer to him as their big brother. Family can expand in a myriad of wonderful ways.


Aaron Bodell

160916-096-kbwMy daughter, Lindsey’s, husband and I have a common interest in the graphic arts. Having earned his degree at RIT, Aaron moved his family to his home state, Utah, and accepted a “temporary” high school teaching position. As it turns out, Aaron loves teaching – and his student’s love Aaron. Aaron adds much more than just graphics knowledge to the lives of his students. (see Kyle Carter post.)